Occupational Therapy Evaluations (Pediatric)

Vaishali leads a team of 6 NY State licensed and experienced Occupational Therapists to provide occupational therapy evaluations and ongoing treatment to children from 2 to 10 years of age in our center, at your home, or at your children’s school throughout the borough of Manhattan.

For centered based services on our Upper East Side location, our warm, nurturing atmosphere is designed to put parents and children at ease. Our goal is to prepare children for the variety of roles they must assume, from achieving developmental milestones such as rolling over, sitting and cruising, to stringing beads, doing puzzles, and playing pretend, and ultimately to eating independently, dressing, participating in circle time, having friends, participating in sports, writing and doing homework. We have Parent-friendly hours and are open Monday- Friday 7:45 am-7:45 pm.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with all of the family members involved in your child’s life; the school, other professionals, after-school programs and summer camp. Home programs are developed to support the goals of therapy, in a manner consistent with the needs of the family. A sensory diet can be introduced to help the child’s day run more smoothly at home and/or in school, and when needed, modifications and strategies are offered to facilitate independence in self-care skills and other daily activities. In addition we also offer specialized SIPT evaluations and both the Therapeutic Listening and Handwriting Without Tears Programs.

Please see the Payment Options for details about paying for services rendered.

Please feel free to reach out to Vaishali in confidence to discuss concerns you may have about your child and whether any OT intervention might be appropriate.

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