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Occupational Therapy Evaluations (Pediatric)

Vaishali leads a team of 6 NY State licensed and experienced Occupational Therapists to provide occupational therapy evaluations and ongoing…


We work with well over 100 children every year but measure our success relative to each child. Every accomplishment is a win-win and every positive outcome is celebrated. We are thrilled in every little success we can help achieve for a child or family

"It takes a lot of energy to keep up with my child and at Apple Blossom they are trained, well educated and have planned activities. OT at Apple Blossom has helped my child with various needs in (to) improving his cognitive, physical, sensory and motor skills. And we are thankful." - Helena P. (Parent)

"Milo is very smart in the area of visual patterns and spatial orientation, yet his language and other skills were severely delayed. After working with Vaishali for 4 months Milo now can follow a series of directions, makes eye contact consistently, engages in complex activities and has conversations with his emerging language. Thank you Vaishali for your patience and creative approach." - Fernanda R. (Parent)

"Vaishali and the team at Apple Blossom OT were invaluable to us! My son’s struggles impacted him and our entire family. Since his diagnosis, we worked with a variety of therapists and sensory gyms before finding Apple Blossom OT. We saw improvements from the first session! Apple Blossom OT set my son up to succeed in a mainstream class setting and be the happy, confident little boy he is today. They were able to help him develop fine and gross motor skills needed to navigate and grow in the world; everything from handwriting to playing with peers to keeping up with his family." - Jessica G. (Parent)

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